Mountain Myst CD Download

The MP3s for the CD have been put into a .zip file in the below link:

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Note from Karl Ahrens:

When and by whom were these songs recorded?

We completed these recordings way back in 2001 (I think). By we, I am referring to Rick Handville (production, guitar, keyboards, etc.), Cliff Schofer (saxophone, ocarina harmony), Jim LaMontaine (fretless bass), and me, Karl Ahrens (ocarinas).

Why were these songs recorded?

I wanted to make a CD to raise awareness of the ocarina’s tremendous musical potential, especially among new ocarina players who were seeking inspiration to bolster their budding ocarina skills. At that time there were almost no ocarina recordings on the net.

These songs, and some others not recorded, were to become a CD called Mountain Myst. Unfortunately, the project was never completed. Soon after we made these recordings, I ran into a busy stretch at Mountain Ocarinas. At the time, financial survival seemed more important than a new CD.

Why haven’t you (until now) put these recordings on your website?

The music is very beautiful, and it was an honor to work with gifted musicians like Cliff, Jim, and Rick. (Rick Handville’s musicianship and spontaneous creativity are magical—something to behold!) With that said, I’ve always resisted suggestions that we put the complete songs on our website because most of my own performances were along the lines of experimental fill-ins. After the experienced musicians laid down their tracks, I, the rookie, intended to go back and record my finished versions–when I had practiced a bit more and figured out what I wanted to “say” on some of the songs. As I mentioned, I never got around to it.

Why make the music available now?

A couple things have recently convinced me to dust off these recordings. First of all, I thought it would be something nice to share with the forum. We want to provide a lot of helpful information, etc., through the forum in the next few months, but this was something we could do right away. Besides, I figured our friends on the forum would be gracious, and hopefully some of you will be inspired to make your own recordings. The other thing is that I met with Rick Handville the other day to work on another project. Rick reminded me that the Mountain Myst recordings are beautiful, despite how I might feel about my own performances. He also made the point that any recording is like a snapshot. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It merely reflects where we were at the time it was recorded. As long as you keep that in mind, I’ll let you listen to these.

Warmest wishes,

Karl Ahrens