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Ocarina Availability Notice


Out of Stock   We greatly appreciate your interest in Mountain Ocarinas, and we hate to disappoint you! Unfortunately, all of our ocarinas will be out of stock for the foreseeable future.
Why?  For several years now, Karl Ahrens (the founder of Mountain Ocarinas) has been focusing nearly all his resources on bringing Coda to the market. This has been a complex, time-consuming, and expensive project for a small company like ours. However, our belief in this new flute is so strong that we have chosen to prioritize it over keeping our ocarinas in stock.
What is Coda?  Coda is a unique EDC (EveryDay Carryflute. It is tough, light, and pocket-sized and yet plays two full chromatic octaves. This extra range and Coda’s intuitive fingering pattern make it possible to play a nearly endless repertoire of songs with great virtuosity.  From start to finish, Coda was designed with EDC in mind so that you can bring it along and play anywhere!


Coda is now available, so if you would like to know more about our new everyday carry flute…
Please visit
This availability notice applies to all Mountain Ocarinas. However, the self-learning music curriculum and music books listed below are still available.


All of our ocarinas:

  • Include a neck cord with safety connector so that you can carry your ocarina easily and safely.
  • Are fully chromatic with a range of an octave and three notes (18 tones). The C ocarina has one less hole but has the same 18 tone range (see the FAQ for a detailed explanation).
  • We ship worldwide. How much is shipping? More info



Self-Learning Music Curriculum
  • Price: $24.95
  • Learning to Play MOUNTAIN OCARINAS® consists of a 40 page book (24 units) and 3 companion CDs.
  • This thorough introduction to music guides you step by step from sounding your first notes to playing from a book of folksongs or hymns.
  • Designed for learning on your own, without a teacher, so absolutely NO prior knowledge of music is required.
  • Note: The songs recorded on the instructional CDs are performed on a G ocarina.
  • Click here for sample curriculum pages



Music Books

300 Celtic Folksongs for MOUNTAIN OCARINAS®
  • Price: $19.95
  • A wonderful collection of traditional music from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales that sounds great on the ocarina.
    This book is also very suitable for other folk instruments. (We specify for MOUNTAIN OCARINAS®
    only because some ocarinas do not have enough range to play all the songs in this book)
  • Full of haunting ancient airs and ballads as well as spirited faster tunes.
  • The easiest songs are noted so that learners can quickly find songs that they can play.
  • Enough material to keep you busy for a long, long time.
  • Click here for sample music book pages

Favorite Hymns in Easy Keys

Favorite Carols in Easy Keys
  • Price: $9.95
  • Nineteen favorite Christmas carols in easy to read and play settings, with chords and lyrics.
  • Chords and music are written so that a G or a C ocarina can play along with other musicians without transposing.
  • Includes a tutorial on how to play your G ocarina with other musicians.
  • Click here for sample music book pages




Mountain Myst Album
  • Price: Priceless
  • 6 Timeless Songs, on Mountain Ocarinas with accompaniment
  • Tracks:
    1. Cumberland Crew
    2. Bridget Cruise
    3. The Dawning Of The Day
    4. Mist Covered Mountains
    5. High Barbary
    6. Skye Boat Song

The T-Rex Guarantee

We want you to take your ocarina every place you go… and not have to worry about babying it. To the beach, on an African safari, on an expedition to the North Pole or even on a journey in a time machine. If your ocarina is ever accidentally damaged to a point where you can no longer play it, we will replace it.

When You Return To The 21st Century

If your time machine travels take you to a pre-historic era, and you are chased by a tyrannosaurus rex, and your ocarina is squashed in the pursuit… no problem at all. When you get back to the 21st century, mail us your ocarina pancake. We will either fix it or replace it with an ocarina of similar value. No questions.

365 Days To Decide

In addition, you are covered by our 365 Days Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. Order any products directly from us (either from this website or over the phone). Try our products for as long as you like… up to one full year. If you decide for any reason that you don’t want to keep any of our products, simply contact us by phone or email and let us know. We will cheerfully refund your full purchase price. We will also refund the shipping charges for orders shipped to the U.S.A.

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